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Milagro Tequila Silver 100% Agave 1.75mL

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Milagro tequila is made of blue agave that’s harvested from the Jalisco Highlands in Mexico. The blue agave that they use is incredibly sweet, which adds a lot ot the tequila’s flavor as it distills. The blue agave is roasted in a brick oven for up to thirty-six hours, which brings out the earthy tones and cooks the sugars of the fruit.

Once thoroughly baked, the blue agave is then shredded and pressed to extract all of its juices. The juice is poured into massive steel tanks where the aforementioned sugar turns into alcohol. The tequila is then distilled and aged in barrels. The longer they’re left to age, the better the taste and quality of the tequila. Once ready, the tequila is bottled right in the heart of Mexico City, where it’s then distributed to consumers around the world.1.75mL

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