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Beringer Founders' Estate Merlot 1.5L

Category: Merlot
Region: California
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Beringer Founders' Estate Merlot NV 1.5L

Tasting Note

The Beringer Founders’ Estate Merlot is immediately approachable with lush flavors of blueberry, blackberry and plum complemented by dark chocolate and spice. Its well balanced, soft tannins make this wine a perfect accompaniment to a variety of foods, such as beef tenderloin, spaghetti bolognese, or aged gouda.


Beringer Founders’ Estate Merlot was chosen from vineyards in the Central Coast, North Coast, as well as Lodi and the California Delta. The California coast offers grapes that are cooled by maritime influence, while the vineyards in the interior produce grapes of great intensity and flavor. The diverse microclimates of each area produces a wonderful depth of flavor, elegance and intensity.


The Beringer winemaking team worked closely with the viticulture department to determine when each vineyard reached full maturity. Small amounts of Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot were added for complexity and depth of flavors. Aging with seasoned French and American oak for five months added toastiness and hints of brown spice to the final blend.

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