Chiyonosono 1800 Generation Rice Shochu 750mL

Chiyonosono 1800 Generation Rice Shochu 750mL

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Chiyonosono 1800 Generation Japanese Shochu 750mL

ABOUT THE SPIRIT: Named after the salutation reserved for the Emperor, wishing 8000 generations of prosperity to all who encounter it. 8000 Generations is crafted with the care and attention to detail that only a sake Toji can master - the result is a clean, polished, and intensely aromatic shochu.
TASTING NOTES & COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS: Medium-bodied with hints of honeydew and natural rice flavors.
8000 Generations is meant to be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, diluted with a touch of water (the traditional serving method), or can be used in creative and lower-alcohol cocktails.
CHIYONOSONO: After years of sake production, Chiyonosono decided to add a super-premium rice shochu to their production. Their shochu is made in the traditional style that has been prevalent in Japan since its first production in the 1500’s. Chiyonosono crafts their shochu to be able to be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in your favorite creative cocktail


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