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Fonseca Porto Terra Bella Organic 750mL

Dessert & Fortified Wine
Category: Port
Region: Portugal
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"For the past few decades, the families who own Fonseca, Croft, and Taylor-Fladgate have been working diligently to transform their ""everyday"" Ports into wines that come closer to the quality of their world famous, highly rated, vintage Ports. A key breakthrough was their invention of an ingenious piston-driven ""treading"" device that mimics the gentle extraction delivered by the human foot when stomping on fermenting bins of vintage Port. The resulting wines are more complex, have softer tannin, and devoid of any ""heat"" from the spirits used to make Port. You'll see the benefits of this new technology in Fonseca's ""Terra Bella"" Reserve (Ruby) Port. This is the first Organic Port (fonseca had to import organic spirits from France!), but the focus is on flavor and value. Loads of black cherry and plum fruit in an elegant, structured, complex, package. A Port for Cab drinkers!"

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