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Franzia Sunset Blush 5 Liter Box

Category: Rosé
Region: California
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As we enter our second century of winemaking, we strive to freshness and value. The award winning wines of Franzia stay fresh to the last glass, even after the package has been opened, because Franzia's patented Smart Tap spout and unique inner pouch prevents the oxidation that occurs in half empty wine-in-bottles. Directions Easy Opening Instructions: Place box on its side with panel containing spout perforation facing the ceiling. 1. Press down firmly on tab A, breaking through perforations. 2. Pull entire perforated tab area (tabs A and B) to the left as indicated. Tear off tab A. 3. Reach in and find the Smart Tap spout. Pull out to first groove and slide into bottom right corner of opening. Tuck tab B into first groove.4. When correctly positioned, only black portion of the Smart Tap spout will show, with opening facing downward. Set box upright. 5. To dispense wine: hold glass or decanter under the Smart Tap spout. Twist knob counterclockwise. To Stop: Twist knob clockwise. Size: 5 L. .

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