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Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Liqueur 750mL

Category: Cordials, Flavored, Liqueur
Region: France
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Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge 750mL is an orange-flavored liqueur created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. It is made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange, and sugar. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is 40% alcohol. "Sumptuous confectionary aromas of chocolate orange, salted caramel, vanilla, almond butter, and orange peel. The bitterness of the orange peels offer depth; a saccharine sweetness offers balance with touches of coffee, brown sugar, and spice. Citrusy, long and mellifluous." 96 Points, 2017 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

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