Opici Homemade Barberone 5 Liter Box

Opici Homemade Barberone 5 Liter Box

Category: Red Blend, Red Table Wine
Region: Spain
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Opici Homemade Barberone Red 5 Liter Box

Opici Homemade Style Barberone is a full flavored, full bodied wine with a deep red color and the sweet aroma of dark fruit. The wine has a rich texture and the flavor touches all senses, lingering long after the wine is gone. This is a great wine for steaks, roast beef, lamb and pork chops, and pasta with spicy tomato sauces." Winemaker's Notes

 Opici Description

Opici Homemade Barberone pays homage to home winemaking, mimicking the style, without the effort. A red blend that is full in flavor and body with pleasantly sweet aromas of dark fruit. Opici Homemade Barberone is richly textured and lingers on the palate. A versatile, every day wine that can be served alongside your nightly fare from pasta to pizza to grilled poultry or meat.

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