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Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel 750mL

Category: Zinfandel
Region: California
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Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel 750mL

A not-too-dry, medium-bodied, juicy, red wine with ripe raspberry, boysenberry, and bramble.


Vineyard Notes: The Lodi region is characterized by warm days and cool nights with deep, sandy soils, forcing the vine’s roots to push deep to find water and nutrients. The old vines that supply our Lodi Zinfandel typically are the first of our three County Zinfandels to be harvested. The warm days and early ripening lead to a soft and very fruit-driven Zinfandel.

Collection: Big, bold Vintners Blend wines — crafted for those who refuse to flock to the latest fad. For over 40 years we’ve believed authenticity, craft, and character always beat the latest trend. Featuring California’s top varietals made in an approachable style. Unapologetic. Unfussy. Unwimpy.

Alcohol: 13.5%

UPC/SKU: 715826101908