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St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 200mL

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This French offering deems itself to be the first elderflower flavored liqueur on the market. For it, blossoms are plucked from the hills of the Alps in the springtime by forty to fifty gentlemen on bicycles, who finish the harvest in a few short weeks while the blossoms are still in bloom. Once picked, the flowers tend to lose their aromas and flavor very quickly, so they are quickly macerated in pure alcohol to preserve their integrity. The resulting spirit is sublime and refined, and hints at pear, peach and grapefruit. Delicate and captivating, it’s an integral component in modern cocktails. As Jim Meehan, former owner of renowned cocktail bar PDT says, “Using a cook’s terminology, St‑Germain works like salt in a cocktail. The bright grapefruit, lychee and elderflower round out the rough edges of powerful base spirits, bringing each and every flavor into focus. An instant classic.” It won the Tried and True award at the 2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

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